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As a lender, I work with many real estate agents, so have quite a bit of perspective when it comes to who the good agents are. My team and I have worked with Matt and Margaret on a few transactions now, and I can honestly say there aren’t many realtor teams who work as hard, and/or are as customer-focused as the Motl’s. They’re available to answer any question or work through any issue. They are extremely smart, which inspires confidence that things will get done right…which they do. Love working with Matt and Margaret, and look forward to working with them more!

Kyle B

Matt and Margaret are amongst the best real estate agents out there! Their hard work and dedication is truly exception. The most responsive and diligent agents out there. They will do everything in their power to take care of their clients. You can’t go wrong with Matt and Margaret!!

Danny T

Matt and Margaret helped us through a great experience purchasing a vacation property at Lake Cushman. They were both very knowledgeable and helped guide us through the unique issues in the area. They really know property values and were easy to communicate with.

Bryan M

We are so grateful for both Matt and Margaret. They are both caring and most importantly knowledgeable.
We feel comfortable knowing they know our situation and will strive to make everything as smooth as possible.

Sherri D

Wishing great accomplishments for them and us!

Nicholas B

I was lucky to come in contact with Matthew and Margaret while looking for get away property… I was pretty specific with what I wanted and Matthew was a trooper searching and hiking about property with me to see if it was what I wanted. Finally after looking at SEVERAL properties we found what I was looking for! Thank you Matthew and Margaret as she was quick to handle all that followed once we decided! I highly recommend them for what ever your Real estate needs are! Great honest and professional people!

Lisa R

Matt and Margaret were great. Had my property sold in only two days. I will use them again in the future.

David H

Matt and Margaret have gone above and beyond for us and been there to answer all of our questions and help us through this process we our so proud of the work they have done for us.

D Crump

Margaret and Mark know the area and give solid advice.

B Caldwell

Maragaret is a go getter and worked quickly at closing day to saved me an extra thousand dollars. Matt showed up with a generator in his truck in case needed when power was out during house inspection. They work to make it happen

Christopher B